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Consumables for Liquid-Phase small Volume and External Reference NMR Studies
• Bruker® MicroProbe/MicroCryoProbe Sample Tubes
• Sample Tubes for Automatic Sample Changer and Bruker MATCH™ System
• Doty® Susceptibility Plugs (Shigemi Substitute)
• Doty® Plugs for 3mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Doty® Plugs for 5mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Doty® Plugs for 8mm Thin Wall Tubes
• Coaxial Inserts
• Stem Coaxial Inserts
• 5mm Micro Cell Assembly (use with small sample sizes in thin wall tube)
• Large Volume Microcell Inserts
• Pyrex® NMR Capillary Tubes

Gas-Tight Consumables for Liquid-Phase and Gas-Phase NMR
Constricted Vacuum Tube and Tip-Off Manifold
Constricted NMR tubes offer the most convenient way to flame-seal an air-sensitive sample. Simply apply vacuum to the tube using our Tip-Off Manifold, and then heat the constricted portion and twist off to seal the sample in tube. Order a constricted NMR tube by adding “CONS” to the product number of any Wilmad sample tube. Example: 507-PP-7CONS.

NMR Reference Standards

Wilmad’s NMR Reference Standards are packaged in ultra-high field precision tubes to guarantee their performance in experiments over 600 MHz. Each standard comes with a certificate issued by Sigma-Aldrich®.
Wilmad’s NMR Reference Standards meet or exceed requirements set by NMR spectrometer manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers include Wilmad Standards with their instruments.

Wilmad® 自NMR/EPR 上市以來 即專注於Liquid / Gas / Solid 樣品的核磁共振研究,而成爲全球最大的NMR/EPR耗材製造廠商。 全方位滿足所有厰牌(如:Bruker,Agilent/Varian,Jeol高階NMR及其他 Bench top NMR)NMR用戶的研究分析需求。

Established in 1985, Spectra Analytical Co. Ltd ever provided Precision Instrument and Acessories /SRM service ,covering ~NMR丶EPR/ FTlR丶UV-VlS丶FLR丶Raman/XRD丶XRF/GC丶LC丶GC-MS丶LC-MS/AA丶lCP丶lCP-MS/AUGER丶ESCA丶SlMS/DSC丶DTA丶TMA丶TGA丶DMA/Micro Balance/Nondestructive lnspection/Vacuum equipment/Glove Box/Laboratory equipment/Sample Preparation equipment/Sample Collection equipment/Digestion Dissolution equipment/SRM丶CRM丶QC Standard⋯

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